YUZU is launching a brand new plant-based 100% vegan menu / starts 1.2.2019



Um… Why?

Glad you asked! Why we are changing? When we first started Yuzu in 2016, we will looking to fill a culinary gap in Lakewood-- beyond the burgers, tacos, and wings. Affordable international comfort foods were a good fit for the last +2.5 years. We think Lakewood is ready for the next big thing. A plant-based, 100% vegan menu.

Vegan food tastes good! When vegan dishes are made right, it’s almost like a magic trick-- you know it’s vegan, but if it can taste so close to the real thing, it’s an incredibly satisfying experience. It’s fun for the non-vegan, or casual healthy eater, or even staunch carnivore. It’s especially fun for the vegan because it reconnects them with comfort dishes they had a hard time parting with. Vegan food is better for you & the environment. It’s pretty much a given-- but what “healthier” options exist after 9pm? They are few & far between.

We are very excited to showcase our new healthier changes in 2019 and hope you join us for the journey! (And hey, if it ends up sucking, we can always change back).


So all of your dishes will be 100% vegan?

Yes. By default, all of our new dishes will be 100% vegan. No animal products, animal bi-products, or animals will be used in any of our recipes on our new menu.


Do you have gluten-free options available?

Yes. While not every dish can be modified to be gluten-free (for example, our vegan chicken is soy & wheat based), many recipes are gluten free (marked by a GF on the menu) or can be made gluten free (marked by a GM on the menu).


What is the difference between plant-based and vegan diets?

When it comes to food, “plant-based” simply refers to whole, plant foods and NOT just foods considered to be “vegan”. For example, French fries or Oreos are in essence vegan, but are not considered to be “plant-based”, as neither product resembles that of their original plant form. We are striving to use as many whole plant foods as possible.


Ahem, ACTUALLY Oreo cookies are NOT vegan. This is according to the Oreo FAQ page itself. "Oreos have milk as cross-contact and therefore are not suitable for vegans," it reads. This means small amounts of milk may have come into contact with the cookies or the equipment used to make them.

Ok, I get it, you’re one of THOSE… Being vegan doesn’t mean aggressively preaching the tiniest of debatable technicalities to put down others in order to brag about your lifestyle choices. Did you know that 25% of omnivores avoid changing their diets since "the attitude of certain vegetarians/vegans has put them off?”.

Also, you don’t HAVE to be strictly vegan 24/7 to experience the perks of a healthier diet. It’s okay if you are a vegetarian or omnivore at times. Don’t make it a competition against others. You should make it to be as comfortable as you feel with it.


I like meat. This is dumb. You just lost a customer

On one end of the spectrum is the Preachy Vegan— on the opposite end is the Ron Swanson. This is an individual so deeply entrenched in the “Just Add Bacon” diet that anything less is unfathomable. While their diets couldn’t be any more different, their attitudes are strangely the same— what I do is the only right way and I’m so offended by an opposing view point I refuse to even attempt to understand anything less. At least try the new menu one time with an open attitude— and if you still hate it, at least you can say it’s an honest opinion.

While our new menu is 100% vegan by default, we may have a meat protein or two available at times, especially as we par down the remaining menu items. Please ask our wait staff and we’ll do our best to accommodate. And don’t worry vegans, these non-vegan proteins will be isolated and never cross-contaminate any dishes or cooking equipment.

If only Ron Swansons and Preachy Vegans can both try just a tiny bit more to accept the other, the world will be a much better place.

New menu starts Jan 2nd, 2019

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**** menu pricing & selections subject to change ****

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